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Table of Contents

  1. Page Types
    Available page types in Website Baker
    1. Frequently Asked Questions
      Building a FAQ page easily.
    2. Event Calendar
      List your events in a calendar format.
    3. Image Gallery
      This page element shows images from a media folder.
    4. News
      List of articles or other news items.
      Favorites / Bookmarks
  2. Advanced Topics
    These features go beyond page elements to make your website go.
    1. Page Sections
      You can mix page elements on the same web page.
    2. Members Only
      You can restrict access to portions of your website to registered users only.
    3. Templates
      Change the look of your whole website with one setting.

Manual Module

The Manual page module allows you to create an online manual with chapters and sub-chapters. The top level page shows all the chapter titles with a short description.  Click on any chapter title to navigate to that chapter. Next and previous chapter links are provided automatically for easy navigation.