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(re) generet-ion by Gregory Generet

Jazz flows through the landmark Townhouse in the Hamilton Heights section of Harlem. Feet tap, bodies sway and taste buds are sated. The world outside that space becomes muted, the worries turned into possibilities. No, this is not a rent party like those of yesteryear, rather it's just another day at the home of jazz vocalist Gregory Generet whose new CD, (re)generet-ion is finding its way outside of those storied walls and into the hands and ears of jazz enthusiasts everywhere.

"For anyone who is a singer the ultimate goal is to be able to stand before people and be the storyteller of each song," says Generet. "It's not an easy thing to do. You can get so wrapped into the music or the beats or rhythms or even your own voice, that you lose the story."

-- Brian Keith Jackson, excerpted from the CD liner notes.

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Audio Clips

Here are a couple of short audio clips to demonstrate how our PlayAudio module works:

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WYSIWYG Page Module

Using a simple editor (FCK Editor) similar to a those in a typical web mail application, you can enter decorated text and images, include hyperlinks, even play audio and video clips.